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  • Pilot Wobble

    Pilot Wobble

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    Price: $3,195.00

    Offers you a good capacity Wobble style machine for a small group or club

      • Six column carousel with 200 clay capacity
      • Steel mainframe with hard blue polyester finish
      • Aluminum throwing arm with Polyurethane strip
      • Proven "Knife Edge" system to feed wet or frozen clays without failure
      • 2 second re-cocking time
      • 12 Volt Operation
      • Stainless steel throwing surface
      • Durable electrical control box with simple toggle switch for on/off, horizontal and vertical movements
      • Interrupter/sleep timer
      • Multiple range adjustments for horizontal and vertical
      • Cart optional
      • 3-year warranty
      • Backed by the Promatic Superior Service Team
    Pilot Wobble is geared for the small club, individual and youth shooting use and has many features found in the larger commercial machines for a fraction of the cost. 


    Promatic Pilot Wobble Promatic Pilot Wobble (1957 KB)


    Promatic Pilot Wobble Manual v1.0 Promatic Pilot Wobble Manual v1.0 (2852 KB)

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