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  • All American Ranger

    All American Ranger

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    All American Ranger Standard Price: $2,695.00

    All American Ranger Left-Hand Price: $2,750.00

    All American Ranger Wobble Price: $5,495.00
    One of the most versatile traps available in our entire range
    • • Large angle range, changed quickly using spring locating pin
    • • 300 clay capacity, club and commercial ground machine
    • • Throwing distance of up to 90yards
    • • Max elevation up to 70 degrees
    • • 1.5 second re-cocking time
    • • Midi and Left-Hand versions available
    • • 50m command cable with fire button included
    • • 3 year parts warranty
    • • Powered from a 12v battery (not included)

    The next evolution, born from Ranger series, the All American Ranger incorporates a host of features that aim to make it the most versatile launcher yet. It is able to throw targets at angles of up to 70 degrees and downhill targets of up to 10 degrees below the horizontal, tilting forward and backwards, and left to right. It has a throwing distance of up to 90 yards, and can throw looping and rolling targets, all of which can be changed in seconds and without the need of a wrench thanks to the spring locating pin in the base.

    It has inherited the robust engineering that is the hallmark quality of all Promatic machines, along with our proven knife edge clay separator system that ensures clays are thrown consistently, without breakage no matter the weather. It is no wonder that the All American Ranger has become so popular.

    Promatic Ranger Series Promatic Ranger Series (675 KB)