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  • Sporter 400 TT Wobble

    Sporter 400 TT Wobble

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    Price: $6,175.00
    • Wobble base with 6 different rotation settings and 3 vertical settings
    • Holds 400 clays, club and commercial ground machine
    • Throwing distance 100 plus yards
    • Max elevation up to 50 degrees
    • 1.5 second re-cocking time
    • 162' command cable with fire button included
    • 3 years parts warranty (optional extra - can be extended to 6 years)
    • Sleet timer to extend battery life
    • Powered by a 12v battery (not included)

    The Sporter 400TT Wobble combines the heavy duty components of the Sporter 400TT, along with rapid response dual motors, giving wobble movement on the horizontal and vertical plains and anywhere in between. Based on the Standard Sporter 400TT, this wobble machine has six different rotation settings and three different elevation angle settings. It also features a built-in timer which stops oscillation motors once shooting has finished, to extend battery life between charges.

    Promatic Sporter 400TT Series Promatic Sporter 400TT Series (599 KB)


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