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  • Ranger 8 Chondel

    Ranger 8 Chondel

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    Price: $3,895.00

    The course setter’s favorite machine

    • 400 target capacity
    • Launches rabbit or standard 108mm clays
    • 1.5 second re-cocking time
    • Throwing distance 100 plus yards
    • Max elevation up to 70 degrees
    • 3 years parts warranty with lifetime on clutch and main bearings
    • Powered by a 12v battery or 120VAC transformer (not included)

    We have taken the proven reliability of the Ranger and incorporated it into this low cost but high performance Chondel. The Promatic Ranger 8 Chondel comes with 2 arms and will launch rabbit or standard clays. The Ranger 8 Chondel is capable of throwing standard targets so they turn dome down via the tilt base, giving you fantastic target trajectory, which until now has only been possible by using manual traps. It can throw conventional clays wither just above the ground, or as loopers or rabbits.

    Promatic Chondel & Rabbit Promatic Chondel & Rabbit (1761 KB)


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