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    Running Boar

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    Adventure awaits you with the new Promatic Running Boar System

    Promatic has developed a running boar system like no other. It fully complies with ISSF specifications and your club or ranch will certainly want to get one installed as soon as possible.

    For use with a range of large calibre ammunition the Promatic running boar offers you 65’ of track which comprises 2 x 6 yard acceleration/deceleration zones around a 30’ window. The carriage is fitted with two panels each carrying a boar target that automatically turns at the end of each run so that the boar is always running in the right direction. The target speed is variable and meets ISSF compliant and is adjustable up to 15’ per second and comes with wireless radio controls.

    Each installation is fitted with a cable operated safety switch that provides a protective enclosure around the full installation and offers an emergency stop from all directions making it a self–protecting system.

    Promatic Running Boar Promatic Running Boar (677 KB)

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