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  • Huntsman Wobble

    Huntsman Wobble

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    Price: $18,495.00

    3 traps offer our favorite game targets, ideal for up to 4 guns

    • Can throw up to 100 birds in 60 seconds
    • 630 bird capacity
    • Built in 20/40/60/80/100 bird flurry
    • 3 throwers, all standard, 2 side to side birds (on front), 1 wobble (on rear).
    • Digital wireless radio included

    With two front- linked traps that oscillate side to side, and a rear wobble trap, the Huntsman wobble is ideal for a line of 4 guns. With the use of the built in flurries, you can simulate all of our favorite game birds such as quail, dove, pheasant, ducks and geese. Extend your season and become a better shot.

    Huntsman & Huntsman Wobble Setup 1 Huntsman & Huntsman Wobble Setup 1 (3678 KB)

    Huntsman & Huntsman Wobble Setup 2 Huntsman & Huntsman Wobble Setup 2 (868 KB)



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