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Simulated Game

The Promatic Huntsman Range will keep you in peak performance for Game Season.

Using Promatic Huntsman Trailers will ensure you are ready as soon as your first shot develops on the starting day of hunting season. Whether it's grouse in Scottish Highlands, high pheasants in England, partridge in Spain, doves, geese and ducks in Argentina, quail in Texas, or greenheads on the Mississippi flyway, the Huntsman will ensure that you enjoy your Hunting trip even more.

  • Simulates your favorite game birds, such as quail, pheasant, duck, geese, grouse, doves and much more.

  • Model depending, can fire between 40 - 100 birds in 60 seconds

  • The XP model includes everything you will need, batteries, charger, delivery, targets and training.

"For training Game Shooters, novice or expert, the Huntsman gives you a perfectly controlled environment’"

Raisethorpe Estate, England

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