Promatic builds a trap thower for Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap, Olympic, ATA Machines, Individual Use and Game Simulators for the ultimate clay target experience. These are some of the core principles our machines are built on. Designed to work in extreme weather conditions from the -30 degrees Celsius winters in Russia, through to the heat of 40 degrees Celcius in Arizona, our traps have been tested on a large scale in some of the most important competitions in the world.

When you purchase a Promatic, you buy into a heritage of proven sports engineering

  • Supporting the clay shooting industry since 1985
  • Outstanding reputation for versatility, quality and innovation
  • More than 60 models available for any discipline
  • Our products are robust, built to last years on end
  • Best value for money in the market

"For training Game Shooters, novice or expert, the Huntsman gives you a perfectly controlled environment’"

Raisethorpe Estate, England

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