Sporting Clay Course Design

Great Sporting Clay courses are designed by great designers that have years of experience in the range business. Promatic has their own in house designers and have access to many top designers and architects in the business.

Our designer will schedule a site visit and review your property, environmental impact plan, master and business plans including attention to short and long term goals. We will work to match the equipment and design to meet your goals. Our success is dependent on your success and we will strive to make sure you have the right equipment to allow you to be successful in your venture.

We will design your course incorporating safety issues, landscaping, trap positioning and pathways. We will also help you source items such as towers, trap houses and other accessories.


Our Course Design service may be integrated with our trap installation and training so that we can see the project through from start to completion.

Contact our in house Sporting Clay course Designer Heyward Cunningham at 870.949.5318 or

"We totally rely on  Promatic traps. Choosing Promatic was one of the best investment decisions I ever made…"

Peter Usher, Lakenheath Clay Target Centre

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