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A clay pigeon trap has to work first time, every time. The only valid excuse for a no bird can only be a substandard clay and that is why quality is implicit to every product and service we sell.

Your clay pigeon trap will be quality tested on completion and the testers initials attached to to the machine alongside having a serial number stamped onto the frame for security purposes. We provide you with warranties from 1 year to 3 years with an option to extend by a further 3 years. In addition our parts service is supplying spares to clay pigeon traps we built 20 years ago and we have a policy, were possible, of continuing support for all our machines giving you the comfort that your machine can always be maintained.

We know our clay pigeon traps are the best because for 20 years you have been using them often in some of the most testing conditions on the planet, from the colds of a Moscow winter through the heat of an Arizona summer and everything that the harshness of sitting on top of a tower in the wilds of Scotland can provide; and yet a Promatic trap will always work day after day, year after year. That is what we mean by quality.

"We totally rely on  Promatic traps. Choosing Promatic was one of the best investment decisions I ever made…"

Peter usher, Lakenheath Clay Target Centre

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