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What is Claymate?

Claymate is a range of wireless and cabled controllers to suit most applications. It is a ground management system that enables ground owners to control what happens on their grounds with regards to clay usage and to maximize revenues, reduce costs and improve profits. Most ranges suffer from profit erosion as a result of shooters only paying for some of the clays that they have shot, Claymate ensures that all clays are counted and paid for. Many existing users of the Claymate system can testify to reductions in clay usage and increased revenues of up to 40% leading to improved profitability. Several current users can also confirm that without Claymate their grounds would now be closed. We believe that given the saving figures that these users have attained, there is definitive proof that our Claymate systems once installed pay for themselves in a very short period of time.

"We totally rely on  Promatic traps. Choosing Promatic was one of the best investment decisions I ever made…"

Peter usher, Lakenheath Clay Target Centre


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